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Brattleboro Food Co-op hosts Edible Brattleboro Garden

Brattleboro Reformer Aug 30, 2016


How Can We Eat Our Landscapes

Ted Talk by Pam Warhurst

The TED talk that inspired the creation of Edible Brattleboro.

The Importance of Carbon in Global Warming

Charles Eisenstein

Regenerative Agriculture


Pasture Cropping – Profitable Regenerative Agriculture:

Food Preservation


How To Freeze Fruits & Vegetables | HGTV

Mushrooms & Ecology


The Feminine Side of the Mycelium Network – Fantastic Fungi

Soil Health


Land & Leadership Initiative: giving you the tools to facilitate, lead, and support soil health initiatives in your own region

“Understanding Soil Health and Watershed Function: A Teacher’s Manual” – Land & Leadership Initiative Soil Health Manual

Understanding The Role Of Soil Microbial Interactions For Soil Health (Quorom Sensing) – Dr. Christine Jones

Carbonomics: The Wonderful Economy of Soil:

Mulch and Cover Crops


Edible Brattleboro’s Sheet Mulching Guide – PDF

Soil Health Resource Guide. 6th Edition  РGreen Cover Seed

Cover Cropping & No-Till Using Clear Plastic MethodTobacco Road Farm

Best Wood Chip Mulch for Your Vegetables:

You are being LIED to about using Wood Chips:

Pasture Cropping with Colin Seis, Gale Fuller Field School:

Favorite Blogs About Plants & Gardening

The Nature Corner – BloomCatch