805 Western Edible Food Forest

What Is An Edible Food Forest?

A food forest, also known as a forest garden, is a rich assortment of edible plants that aims to imitate the intricate ecosystems and natural patterns found in nature. A food forest is intricately designed, with life flourishing in every direction – upwards, downwards, and outwards.

The 805 Western Edible Food Forest Project

Introducing the 805 Food Forest Project in Brattleboro, VT! At Edible Brattleboro, our commitment to the community is to provide everyone with access to fresh, healthy, and sustainable food.

After receiving a generous grant from the Vermont Urban & Community Forestry Program, with funds from the US Forest Service and specifically, the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022, we are ready to make this years-long vision a reality! We are grateful our food forest project, located on the town-owned lot at 805 Western Avenue, was selected for funding.

We believe that this project can only be successful with the support of our community. Join us today and be a part of this important initiative. Get your hands in the soil and help us create a thriving food forest.


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805 Western Avenue, before picture

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